"Release of the ‘Steppes Breaths’ ! After the CD » Breath of the World » and several years of exchanges with Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig (Epi), our music now comes to life, played in quartet with Johan renard and Thierry Gomar : pieces of a repertoire of revisited music from Mongolia and our very nowadays compositions in a poetic language built together step by step."


His musical experience has started with the Western Classical Music, the soloist
repertoire &chamber music, and the improvisations for the contemporary ballet.
His passion for improvised musics has led him to the Music of India, hence he became one of the renowned western specialists.

He is the author of « Hariprasad Chausaria and the Art of Improvisation » a discovery step by step of the North Indian Music (Accords-Croisés/Codarts) (press reviews in "biography")

A perpetual mouvement of learning of a double-culture: transversal flutes travelling from the subtil blowing of the Bansuri and the stridence of the Piccolo to the soft grave sound of the Octobass, pleasure of playing on timbres and colours, Henri Tournier has been called « multiflutist » by an ethnologist for his capacity to perform from one style to the other, from Western flutes to the North Indian Bansuri flutes.

CD "Henri Tournier - Souffles du monde",Accords-Croisés collection, release on September 22nd 2015

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Jazz magasine "Choc Jazz Mag" January 2016

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RFI radio program Laurence Aloir March 2016

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