Breath of the World

Henri Tournier (CD release September 22nd 2015)

Accords Croises

"Breath of the World" will be a testimony of his experiences as a Western musician
turned towards the peculiar sensitiveness of the Eastern musical cultures.
The choice will be made for an encounter with the voice - the voices
as a prolongation of his actual experiences.
Voices of the West and Voices of the East will be gathered together on this occasion.



Abida Parveen
(Accords croisés/world village)

Choc - Le Monde de la musique

november 2002
November 2002
[...] One doesn’t feel that she was searching for beauty, but catches right away the beauty of what she has been researching. The act of singing fades away in face of its sense. And it must specially be mentionned the quality of the instrumental accompaniment (Nazir Hussain on tabla and the French Henri Tournier on bansuri) as it succeeds to establish a very nuanced distance with the vocal.

Bertrand Dicale

Le Monde

15 juin 2002
June 15, 2002
[...] Visal or the musical encounter of the voice with the bansuri of Henri Tournier, subtil and sensitive musican who learned from Hari Prasad Chaurasia, the uncontested master of the instrument. Accompanied by the ‘dark-crystal’ blowing, enhanced by the cavalcade of the percussions and the dance of the harmonium, the modulated chant of Abida Parveen overwhelmes and carries away



Abida Parveen
(Accords croisés/harmonia mundi)

Ravi Shankar
The Extraordinary Lesson

(DVD India)

Production Accords-Croises
Henri Tournier : musical consultant


Roundelay, counting rhyme and lullaby

(ARB Musica)

Radio Kaboul

Tribute to Afghan composers

(Accords croisés)

Choc - Le Monde de la musique

octobre 2003
October 2003
[...] the musicians of this record (including the French flutist Henri Tournier) fitted with a bonhomie expertise the complex outlines of a repertoire as much various in its forms as in its sources and history[...]

Bertrand Dicale

Ghazals afghans

Secular and sacred love Poems

(Accords Croisés/harmonia mundi)

The musical silk route

(Coffret 2 CD)

(Accords croises)

The chant of the Earth and the stars

Luzmila Carpio (Bolivie) - Pierrick Hardy
(Accords croises)

The silk sound

Liu Fang (Chine)
(Accords croisés)

Les Inrockuptibles

May 21 ,2006

[...] The charm works even better as Liu Fang fraternized for a half of the album with musicians coming from different horizons: the Malian kora player Ballaké Sissoko, the French flutist master of the Indian bansuri Henri Tournier, the Algerian oud player Alla. Each encounter is producing an esthetic dizziness comparable to what expressed the bouddhist paintings. They are all taking us beyond feelings, anger, joyce or pain, and are bringing us closer to a source of universal serenity.

François Dordor


Sacred songs from Algeria

Houria Aïchi
(Accords croisés)

Adi Anant

Concerto for bansuri, tabla and orchestra

H. Chaurasia et P.Cueco